Any Beekeepers here?


I am a beekeeper… 2nd year in… Love talking about bees… Smitty


Good morning from Nea Peramos (to the West of Athens), Greece.
Bee keeping is an idea we have been thinking about with my wife. :slight_smile: Our only concern is about their getting fed the months that there are not that many flowers …
I guess we will have to chat a lot the two of us, my friend. :slight_smile:


Good Morning!

My Wife and I both share the Adventure of keeping bees… Once you decide to go for it start with two hives and feed them 1 to 1 sugar syrup … From pure cane sugar. We have Langstroth Hives … We live in a Cold Temperate area of the USA. New England Connecticut. If I am right, you are in a Pretty warm area… You might like a Top Bar Hive… Easier to work with in a warm Climate.


A friend and I lost 3 colonies this past winter with no swarms in sight. We got them as pollinators and built topbar hives. The swarms were small and did not survive the damp. The UK’s The Guardian has reported today that the USA’s #45 is at it again, lifting the ban on pesticides known to decimate pollinators. Can you people get that dude and his RINO’s in check please?


Jayoh, unfortunately there’s a lot of problems with that in the US, which I’d be happy to discuss in another thread.

Having said that, I’m in Ohio and I have a beehive. I had a hive last year that didn’t make it through the winter, this year I have bees from a different supplier. My hive is a warre hive, which is something of a cross between a top bar and a langstroth.I have itallians.

They seem surprisingly reluctant to build new comb. I am thinking that despite things blooming I may have to start feeding them. I hope they make it through our winter this year.


This is so funny!! It is sad! The Government is out of control in America… In the Pocket of Big Money… It isn’t Trump, nor was it Obama, Clinton or any of the other Minions . It is Big Companies like Monsanto etc that run this Nation and holds it hostage by the Purse-strings… As long as that is the Norm, nothing will ever change…


The Best case for any bee keeper is if the frames are Not drawn out and the hives are not doing well, Feed… I bought packages this Spring and Had Drawn Comb and Honey to use. One hive did Amazing, the other had Troubles… I’ve fed it and took brood from the Thriving hive and re-queen it 2 times before it took. I had a Big laying worker issue and end up dumping the hive. Allow the Foragers to return and leaving the Laying workers and A lot of Nurse bees in my woods… to die… Nurse bees seem to become laying worker bees if the hive goes queen less… My hive Killed the first queen that came with the package,and her replacement and then settled into laying worker mode. After dumping and start fresh with new frames with drawn comb and a couple Honey frames plus brood from the other Thriving hive I’m queen right . Feeding and placing Pollen patties up until Mid July… Now I backed off… May start feeding again, but I have a lot of pollen coming in… I also feed 2.1 syrup…