Hogs and sprouted barley


Has anyone fed sprouted barley and milk to hogs?


I have fed my hogs raw milk and it worked out fantastic. We had more milk than we could do with so I would wait until it started curdling and feed it to the hogs. It gave them a good bacteria boost and they would fight over that bucket when they saw it coming. And to boot - it was the best tasting hog meat I ever had!


Thanks. I am looking for a ration that would produce a better tasting meat than that dried up stuff at the stores. I have heard that apples the last month helps too.


When you get down to it what makes any animal taste fantastic is fat. So anything high carb that will raise the fat content should make the pork delicious. I have eaten hogs that i raised that were 5 years old boars that were uncut and still going after the girls and the meat tasted fantastic. We feed ours a non-gmo feed as a supplement, they are pasture raised using tractors to move them around the field. We feed them our old rotting vegetables, composting vegetation, souring milk, kimchi believe it or not. It works for us.


Would you have a picture of your tractor pen? I just built one for my chickens and was wondering if they are built the same?



Hey Larry,

Do you have a photo of your chicken tractor? I’d be interested in seeing what sort of setup you’ve gone with. We’re looking at doing something similar to move the chickens around and work our garden beds on a rotating schedule. 2 weeks turning over bed 1, move to the next bed, 2 weeks turning over that and so on. We have around 8 different beds so that would be the rough schedule depending on what’s planted in what and time to maturity of those vegies, but basically they should always be working one bed for us.