Keeping Rabbits At Home


Hello! I would like to make a master thread for discussing rabbits. :slight_smile:

Rabbits can make excellent companion animals, fur animals, meat animals, wool animals, they are great for showing, and produce high quality fertilizers for the garden.

Tell us about your rabbits and ask any questions you have!

Personally, I keep rabbits for fur and meat (mostly the latter). I raise New Zealands and standard Rex rabbits. I currently have five adult Rex and four adult New Zealands, as well as a couple of mixes. I am moving into producing a show line of Rex rabbits.


Here are some images of some of my rabbits, past and present.


I know quite a few people who keep rabbits also combine the practice with a worm composting / vermicomposting operation. Here’s the jist of it…

“…the most intriguing rabbit housing set-up (from a vermicomposting standpoint) involves the use of elevated cages suspended directly over worm beds. Wastes simply fall down onto the beds and the worms feed directly on it. This type of set-up saves a great deal of time and labour, and helps to lessen some of the annoyances (such as fly infestations etc) often associated with large accumulations of manure. Not only is the volume of waste material reduced considerably, but the rabbit farmer is also left with large quantities of marketable worms and castings.”

You can read some more about it here…


Oh yeah. :slight_smile: Mixing it with vermicompost can be really good. You do need a LOT of carbon with it though, and potentially a drainage system because rabbits pee a lot.

Personally, I have mine on hay bedding (it’s cheap and they eat it too) and just compost the whole thing. Plenty of worms make their way in when it’s in a compost pile. Every pitchfork full is just choc full of worms. It breaks down well and feeds my plants well.