Making your own homemade soaps


Has anyone else tried their hand at making their own homemade soaps?

I found the video below and thought it was a pretty decent little tutorial on how to go about it. I might have to give it ago this weekend. It doesn’t seem like a long process (other than waiting for it to cure) although I do wonder whether the cost of ingredients makes it economical to actually make your own. I guess maybe if you can buy in bulk somewhere…

In under fifteen minutes, Roe Sie, from the King’s Roost, shows you how to make a basic bar soap from scratch, using only organic olive and coconut oils, lye, and ice water.

Here is the recipe:

  • Organic olive oil: 1,680 grams
  • Organic coconut oil: 683 grams
  • Lye: 337 grams
  • Ice water: 787 grams

Add essential fragrant oils to make it smell even better – we used vanilla and sandalwood this time. DELISH. It’s a fast and fun DIY project; it makes a great gift, and it feels awesome to use homemade soap instead of a lot of weird chemicals on your body. Get creative with your essential oil blends, add seeds, grains, mica and flower petals!

Take the safety precautions seriously – use protective eye wear, cover up all skin, and handle the caustic lye with extreme care. Keep all ingredients away from kids and pets. And use a gram scale to be accurate in getting your lye, water, and oil ratios exactly right.

The water measurement includes any ice you use. I use about half ice and half water, and measure it by weight to equal 787 grams. It’s important not to be sloppy and no guesswork here, please.

The process is pretty fast, especially once you’ve done it a few times and have the hang of it. But be sure to let your soap cure (dry out) for 4-6 weeks so it doesn’t turn into a slimy goopy mess in the shower… or, worse yet, irritate anyone’s skin. Check it out below…


Hi Ecoguy!
I made my own soap. It wasn’t the same recipe as yours,but similar. It was a wonderful project to do with my teenage daughter. It’s a good family activity. I can’t say that one actually saves money by making ones own soap (Or raising ones own chicken flock, or growing ones own fruit and vegetables) But its the knowing exactly what is in the soap and making it with love that counts. Also, if you set the soap in pretty tart or cake molds, then wrap them nicely the soaps make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc