Show Off Your Garden And Win…


For the next week we’re running a little competition so everyone can get to explore our members and visitors gardens. Here’s your chance to show off your garden and win some cool prizes…

How To Enter…

Simply create a new topic in the gardening category here, post your photos (you can simply drag them into the input box to upload them when creating a new topic) and include an explanation of what we’re looking at.

If you’d like to include some useful tips you’ve learned from your gardening efforts or share your aspirations, then please feel free to do that too. When you create your new topic please include “Garden Showcase” in the title so we know you’re participating.

Over the competition period, all other visitors / Homesteading Advice members can vote for their favorite gardens by clicking the little “love heart” button at the bottom of your post (members can vote for multiple gardens). The top 3 garden showcases with the most love at the end of the competition period will win a copy of the following homesteading resource books (and associated membership areas if applicable)…


You can read more about it here:


You can read more about it here:


You can read more about it here:

The competition ends at Midnight on Sunday 19th August 2018 and the winners will be selected and notified via email and private message with details on claiming their prizes.

Winners will also be announced in the forum so all community members can see who won.

Some Useful Tips:

  • The sooner you post your entry to the community, the more love it’s likely to receive & the greater your chances of winning.
  • You’re welcome to share your entry on Facebook and other social media channels to encourage your friends and family to vote.
  • Entries will also be shared with the readers of our various email newsletter giving your more exposure as well.

Good luck! We’re all looking forward to seeing your gardening efforts no matter how big or small.