Wildlife care and what you can do to help


Any questions you may have about the care of wildlife ask here
We are having problems in our animal rescue at the moment with the heatwave causing death and many orphans because our wildlife just cant find water.
Just give it a thought and put out bowls of water and low saucers for the smaller animals. It all helps.


Hi Graham,

Sorry to hear about that. Where is your animal rescue based?


We are based in between Worcestershire and Herefordshire but we offer advice all over and in some case we can arrange for an animal to get here.
We deal with Domestic animals too. our Website is www.littlemwadowanimalrescue.org or tel 01885 410722 for advice



You had a typo on your message, so I have entered the correction here so people can find you. :slight_smile:https://www.littlemeadowanimalrescue.org